Fan Feature Friday #43 - Superman: 1978 Edition

Fan Feature Friday #43 - Superman: 1978 Edition

"You'll believe a man can fly."

Sent to Earth from Krypton, Kal-El discovers he has extraordinary powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men and becomes his adoptive home’s first and greatest hero – Superman.

This week, we're taking an extended look at the Man of Steel through the eyes of Aaron, Adrian, Alberto, Dennis, Doc, Jeremy, Joe, Jonard, Kenwin, Lewis, Sean, and Steve!

Give those thumbs a good stretch, there's lots of scrolling to be done in this week's action-packed Fan Feature Friday!

Name: Aaron
Location: Virgina, US
Inspiration: The inspiration for the shot came from the color selection and quality of the suit design for the figure. The bright primary colors in the costume remind me of a lot of my favorite artist renditions of the character. I really wanted to put the figure under some bright lights and let all that color shine.

Name: Adrian
Location: Colorado, US
Inspiration: The inspiration for this photo is the movie Superman. It’s one of my favorite scenes and I wanted to recreate it the minute the figure was announced!! When I got the ship notice from mezco I started building the window diorama I used for the shot.

Name: Alberto
Location: Mayagüez, PR
Inspiration: I grew up with this interpretation of Superman by Christopher Reeve, and as a kid back in the 80’s he really was an inspiration to be good, even having the powers of a god he was more human than all of us. I’m amazed on how you captured Reeve’s likeness on this figure which inspired the shot, even floating like a god among mortals he represents the best in humanity.

Name: Dennis
Location: Hamburg, GE
Inspiration: The picture is a recreation of a classic scene in which Superman and The Flash race against each other.

Name: Doc
Location: Vancouver, CA
Inspiration: The majestic image of Superman’s cape in the wind has been a heroic inspiration since my childhood, and the Fortress of Solitude has always been an awe-inspiring place to me. I was thrilled to finally be able to capture a combination both in action figure form!

Name: Jeremy
Location: Virginia, US
Inspiration: Chrisopher Reeve's Superman was a huge childhood hero of mine. I was always struck by how awesome the Fortress of Solitude was and I really wanted to create a sense that he was the heart of this massive, powerful place. The amazing diorama piece definitely helped make that possible!

Name: Joe
Location: Paris, FR
Inspiration: I wanted to take a photo that was soft and dynamic at the same time and I think Reeve's Superman is perfect for this kind of "old school warm tones and good vibes super-heroic" type of mood. It was also a sort of step out of comfort zone since I usually shot much darker and moody shots.

Name: Jonard
Location: Malabon, PH
Inspiration: I wanted to show Superman on flight with the intent of saving people.

Name: Kenwin
Location: Missouri, US
Inspiration: This embodiment of Superman was my first introduction to the world of superheroes. From my memories as a child, I tried my best to reenact his other worldly abilities while showing his humanistic charm.

Name: Lewis
Location: Greater Manchester, UK
Inspiration: The One:12 Christopher Reeve Superman is a fantastic figure and a joy to put behind the camera. Speaking of which, I felt it was important to capture the joyous performance Christopher Reeve brought to the role so wanted to showcase Superman in flight, soaring with that boy-scout grin of his! Superman should be bright, hopeful and fun and that’s what I wanted to convey in this photo.

Name: Sean
Location: Derby, UK
Inspiration: I wanted to show how all his life, Clark had been in the dark about who he was a where he came from, then the green crystal shone some light on his origins, and that day he became Superman.

Name: Steve
Location: Illinois, US
Inspiration: For this shot I wanted to utilize the light up display base and set the scene in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Doing this while packing in all the nostalgic vibes this figure has to offer. Seriously when I see this figure it automatically pops the theme song in my head.

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