Fan Feature Friday #47 - Baron Bends: Tectonic Disruptor Edition

Fan Feature Friday #47 - Baron Bends: Tectonic Disruptor Edition

Baron Bends has traveled to the unexplored depths of the cosmic oceans in an effort to stay hidden from The Krig Blood Force– merciless hunters who seek to eradicate the Aqua Knights.

In doing so, the Baron and his Aquaticons have absorbed energy from the earth’s core. Emerging from the ocean floor as the Tectonic Disruptor – strong enough to take on the Blood Force solo.

This week, we're taking a deep dive into the works of Juan, Chris and Dan!

Name: Juan
Location: Orange Park, US
Inspiration: This photo was a sequel to an earlier shot I had taken, depicting Baron Bends getting handily beaten by a single Blood Force Krig. Now he's returned from the depths of the Earth's core, powered up and ready to take his bloody revenge.

Name: Chris
Location: Maine, US
Inspiration: I guess just comic villains. They are always taking that stance and summoning something. The awesome new head and effect. I love playing with colored lighting on effects and this one just looks amazing with some light behind it!

Name: Dan
Location: Keene, US
Inspiration: The Original Baron Bends is my absolute favorite figure to own and photograph, I love trying to capture his deep sea vibe. I really wanted to showcase the difference I see in the Tectonic Disruptor edition so I decided to shoot him as if he sets the ground and air around him on fire.

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