Fan Feature Friday #48 - Black Skulls Death Brigade Edition

Fan Feature Friday #48 - Black Skulls Death Brigade Edition

The Death Brigade has been deployed!

The Black Skulls... still a mystery but we now know the following: they have been organized by an unidentified nefarious leader. It seems as though they may have been cloned from a Stealth Ops Agent mission where unknown dimensional travel residue was discharged.

The Black Skulls Death Brigade act as the storm troopers of the organization – wreaking havoc throughout the multiverse.

This week, we're traveling through dimensions alongside Alveen, Ashok, and Randy!

Name: Alveen
Location: N/A
Inspiration: I want to show how menacing the "Squad" are when they're out there. Super efficient on what they do and Agent Gomez is aware on how dangerous they are. Thanks for the great figures.

Name: Ashok
Location: Eden Prairie, US
Inspiration: The inspiration behind this photo comes from how stealthy the Black Skulls Brigade are. These figures are loaded with a plethora of accessories one could ask for and helps to recreate our imaginations in many ways possible.
I wanted to capture an ending to a cat and mouse game where the grubs are being hunt down by an assassin and they have no where to go.

Name: Randy
Location: Silver Spring, US
Inspiration: Whenever you get introduced to like a new crew in a movie they’re always posted up like they’re ready for a photo shoot. Where here’s my Black Skulls posted up and ready for their task. They’re the new bad boys in town and Gomez better watch out!

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