Fan Feature Friday #49 - Fan Art Edition

Fan Feature Friday #49 - Fan Art Edition

We're switchin' things up a bit for this week's Fan Feature Friday - a brush stroke of genius, some might say...

We wanted to see your renditions of Gomez & the Rumble Society for the first ever Fan ART Feature Friday! These pictures are definitely worth more than 1,000 words...

This week, we're featuring the fantastic work of Jake, Betty, and Flemming!

Name: Jake
Location: Maine, US
Inspiration: I love that the Gomez/Rumbleverse is one giant sandbox. Utilizing the Multiverse as a story mechanic means anything goes and I'm ecstatic to see where the creative team takes us with each release.

⁠Name: Betty
Location: NY, US
Inspiration: About 1-2 yrs ago you guys did an extremely fun stop motion showcasing PSCC. So the last scene inspired me to draw them in a rock band. Especially from the different references throughout the stop motion gave off a full on rock vibe. Also a big fan of drawing skulls and you guys have a bunch of lovelies.

Name: Flemming
Location: Copenhagen, DK
Inspiration: The piece came from your Lone Roach Gomez figure. Always loved that design, and was never able to pick it up. Most of the art associated with your brand is very graphics based and simplistic in style, often with a good sense of humor. I wanted to see the figure in a more serious painterly/concept art style.
I often do these 1 hour speed paints before starting my daily work, every now and then Mezco's figures sneak their way into those sketches, like this time.

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