Fan Feature Friday #5

Fan Feature Friday #5

It's the end of the week, and you know what that means...Fan Feature Friday!

This week, we asked you to participate in FFF on social media by tagging your fellow Mezconians. As promised, we chose four tagged feeds to be spotlighted in today’s blog. Thank you for leading us to such amazing talent. We are excited to introduce you to collectors from all around the world. Lastly, leave a comment if you recognize this week's theme!

Name: Gibran R.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Inspiration behind photo: Basically I'm a diehard Batfleck fan. As a fan, I want to support him using every possible way that I think I can. One of those support act is this image. The idea pops out as I think it will be a cool scene when Batfleck need an extra effort while handling the riot in Gotham using tactical armor. Yeah Batfleck is Batman.

Name: Josh D.

Location: Borden, Indiana

Inspiration behind photo: I wanted to create a scene where an early-career Batman was in the Batcave and visited by a Green Lantern in need of help. Bruce is without his cowl and naturally goes defensive when he finds an unannounced intruder. I used the PX Ascending Knight with the tranq-darts crossbow on his wrist and John Stewart Green Lantern holding up an energy shield to defend himself. I also used the Extreme Sets Batcave diorama.

Name: Zack W.

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Inspiration behind photo: When I received the figure, I knew I had to go for the dark bright red that was Gotham in the Animated Series. Batman Beyond was the new symbol of hope for Gotham City, so he needed to be posed accordingly. One Batarang in his hand, he stands ready to pounce on the criminals of Gotham and save the city from any threats.

Name: Josh A.

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Inspiration behind photo: This shot was inspired by Lee Beremjo’s take on Batman and The Joker, I just really like his dark and gritty type vibe he brings to these two. I wanted to capture something that balanced Batman’s brutality with Joker’s whimsical insanity. The style and detail of these figures mixed with sparse lighting, shadows and muted colors are what brought it all together to capture that dark and gritty feel I like.

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