Fan Feature Friday #50 - Sidekick Edition

Fan Feature Friday #50 - Sidekick Edition

"Holy slice of pizza Gomez, it appears as though we're talking like a campy 60's crime fighter!"

Even heroes need help sometimes! From sentient boom boxes to mechanical fish , there’s no shortage of badass partners in the Rumble Society.

This week, we’re giving the spotlight to the sidekicks, featuring the work of Pierre, Silva, and Mr. Lee.

Name: Pierre
Location: Dallas, US
Inspiration: Inspiration from this photo comes from the man himself Bruce Lee! This Gomez figure truly channels Bruce Lee’s character but with a street look so the pose of the figure came naturally. I love seeing the shots other photographers do for Mezco Mondays or Fan feature Friday and it truly pushes me to keep shooting Mezco. Mezco is Life.

Name: Silva
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I wanted to show that bends can summon multiple aquaticons to overwhelm anyone who dares challenge him. Especially on his battlegrounds.

Name: Mr Lee
Location: Taiwan
Inspiration: The whole concept for this picture was base in the New Yorker style. The pigeons and where mezco bases it's pop culture in it. When it comes to a New York superhero the first image is Spider-man, therefore I chose a rooftop and with blue sky making this work more comfortable with seeing details with the contrast in it.

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