Fan Feature Friday #51 - Dr. Fate Edition

Fan Feature Friday #51 - Dr. Fate Edition

"I come to you as darkness falls..."

Harnessing magical powers older than the beginning of human civilization, Dr. Fate has been defending the side of light since the days of ancient Egypt. If there is a supernatural power that threatens to engulf planet Earth, rest assured that Dr. Fate will be at the ready.

This week, we're featuring the enchanting work of Victor, Luke and Juan!

Name: Victor
Location: Dallas, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for the Dr. Fate picture is mainly that I wanted to create a shot that looks as if it could be in a film. Also, I love anything magic/sorcery wise because I can get creative with it.

Name: Luke
Location: Essex, UK
Inspiration: For inspiration I thought about poses where magic would flow through Dr fate. Music really helps with me imagining scenes.

Name: Juan
Location: Orange Park, US
Inspiration: Having a mystical helmet, amulet, and cloak imbued with the power and essence of an ancient Lord of Order is one hell of a great head-start, but to truly be the best you gotta put in the work too!

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