Fan Feature Friday #52 - X-Men Edition

Fan Feature Friday #52 - X-Men Edition

"Mankind has always feared what it doesn't understand..."

Do you have uncontrollable energy beams shooting from your eyes? Can you psionically control the weather? Do you kill anyone you touch? Sounds like you're the perfect fit for Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters!

From indestructible skeletal structures to time traveling cyborgs, the X-Men can do it all. This week, we're showing off our mutant pride featuring the work of Gene, Frederico and Scott!

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Name: Gene
Location: San Francisco, US
Inspiration: Apocalypse’s war has ravaged the landscape and it’s the Summers/Askani clan leading the opposition. I wanted to showcase Mezco’s power FX and accessories in two related figures. It would be amazeballs to see what Mezco would create for an Apocalypse figure, after some female X—Men figures.

Name: Frederico
Location: Goias, Brazil
Inspiration: To photograph action figures for me is to dive into the world where anything is possible. It is to respect our childish side and enjoy the moment. Photographing for me is something I take very seriously and I take great pleasure in doing.

Name: Scott
Location: West Virgina, US
Inspiration: I wanted Wolverine to look as though he had just destroyed a Sentinel and was ready to leap into action once again. I really liked how the pose and the angry expression made it look like a comic cover. This was the Wolverine I remember seeing as a kid spinning those comic racks in the bookstore.

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