Fan Feature Friday #53 - Gotham City Edition

Fan Feature Friday #53 - Gotham City Edition

Welcome to Gotham City, where the sun doesn't shine and crime never sleeps.

In the city that's constantly in a state of despair, you never know what the next reign of terror will bring. Scarecrows, clowns, crooked cops, and insane geniuses are only a fraction of what the World's Greatest Detective needs to deal with on the daily.

This week we're showcasing the most photogenic faces of Gotham, featuring the work of Sahlan, Brian, Atlas, Perry, Aris, and Nick!

Name: Sahlan
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Inspiration: Celebrating the new Queen of Gotham. I wanted to try and capture the ‘new’ Harley. She’s undergone some big changes in recent years but we all know it’s hard to let go of things we love so sometimes a girl needs to let her hair out n’ have a night out, celebrate and cause some mischief!

Name: Brian
Location: Acworth, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for this shot was that I always envision Batman diving head first off of rooftops.  I created a similar photo with this figure in the past that I wasn’t entirely happy with so I set out to recreate the scene.  The figure itself is always an inspiration as well because the wired cape makes it so enjoyable to pose.

Name: Atlas
Location: Singapore
Inspiration: This picture was actually inspired by the intro of Batman Arkham Knight, where Gordon was waiting for Batsy on the rooftop. I wanted to capture the very dark night kinda feel!

Name: Perry
Location: Philippines
Inspiration: Batman has always been known as the Dark Knight and usually operates in the shadows. This photo was taken using high key lighting to show him in a different perspective, as the White Ascending Knight.

Name: Aris
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: My inspiration for the shot from Deathstroke in the Batman Arkham Asylum version. Its give me a lot inspiration

Name: Nick
Location: Colorado, US
Inspiration: This photo was inspired by recent excitement watching Zack Snyder's Justice League and the Batman movie trailer directed by Matt Reeves.  I've always been a Batman fan.  Taking pictures of him is always a blast because I have a strong connection to the character.  The realism created by Mezco here allows me to come up with this sort of cinematic shot with the combination of practical effects.

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