Fan Feature Friday #54 - Grub Edition

Fan Feature Friday #54 - Grub Edition

Couch cushions and boneheads beware - Grub is taking over Fan Feature Friday!

While this little ankle-biter may look cute on the surface, he's all about making big messes. Grub's enjoyments include but are not limited to: eating out of the trash, unplugging Boom Boom from her charger, tying Gomez's shoes together, and crashing hover boards.

This week, we're taking a look at everyone's favorite mini menace through the eyes of Israel, Chris, Susy, David and Juan.

Name: Israel
Location: Dallas, US
Inspiration: This shot was inspired by the civil unrest in the U.S. during the Pandemic. I love Gomez, but Lone Roach and Grub are my favorite. I just wanted to show Lone Roach, a Samurai, and Gold Dragon Gomez, a Ninja, teaching their little grubs to get along. The toy photography community is full of diversity from all over the world. We support each others work without seeing each other's faces. Just a little cultural awareness and love for my fellow toy photographers. If we teach them young even a Samurai and a Ninja can get along.

Name: Chris
Location: Maine, US
Inspiration: Was going for the Bruce Lee martial arts movie vibe. I guess Enter the Dragon mostly. Love these painted grubs! I hope you do more!

Name: Susy
Location:Irvine, US
Inspiration: Grub may be small, but he has a lot of attitude! He shows so much emotion in just a tiny figure. I've always had fun shooting him and showing the audience what kind of mischief he may be getting into/planning.

Name: David
Location: Dallas, US
Inspiration: My inspiration was to showcase my love for the grub and my first ninja Gomez!

Name: Juan
Location: Orange Park, US
Inspiration: I've take so many pictures of Gomez but rarely ever his sidekicks, so that's what I wanted to highlight here. Grub, Boom Boom, and the Pigeon. Holding it down while the Hazard Commander is out on a mission.

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