We've got a bone to pick for this week's Fan Feature Friday!

The Rumble Society has a lot of skeletons in its closet - from nefarious ninjas to ex-rogue agents to a trio of numbskulls with a penchant for punk rock.

We're diving into the Rumble Society's favorite boneheads with the help of Galih, Dexter, and Joe.

We know what you're thinking...what the hell IS Rumble Society? ...Don't worry about it, but welcome to the club.

Name: Galih
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: My inspiration for this photo is a sense of brotherhood, which in my opinion is a family relationship without flesh and blood relations. Brotherhood is the second home after family.

Name: Dexter
Location: Malaysia
Inspiration:The moment I took this photo, I imagined that White Skull agent is a cold-blooded and badass top agent in Rumble Society. I pictured how White Skull agent was trying to accomplish a mission on a full moon night. He broke into a building, fought wisely and managed to retrieve the secret weapon in time. And once again, a great mission was perfectly completed!

Name: Joe
Location: France
Inspiration: I really wanted to get a squad shot with the skulls waiting for some action, on semi alert but also just passing the time in their hideout. I wanted i moody atmosphere, like we're in the middle of the night but we can picture in our head the city lights outside.

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