Everybody knows there are some jobs that are just too big to do alone (and yes, even Gomez needs help).

Whether you’re fighting crime, or committing the crime, the power of team work can make the dream work!

So buckle up, buddy up, and get ready to kick some ass with the work of Brian, Kadir and Scott.

Name: Brian
Location: Acworth, US
Inspiration: The Punisher has always been my most beloved comic book character.  This specific Punisher was my first Mezco purchase which ignited my love for the company and is still to this day my favorite one:12 figure.  I'm always looking for ways to shoot this figure.  I love a good team up and in my mind these two characters could easily exist in the same Marvel universe.

Name: Kadir
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: I was always a fan of Double Dragon since way back when, and ever since I saw these two, I thought of posing them together to be an image of the infamous duo. But rather being the Double Dragon, they’re the Double Dragomez!

Name: Scott
Location: England
Inspiration: I was massively inspired by the Justice League animated series with this photo. I loved seeing the Lanterns fight and explore different planets with colourful and bold atmospheres. These figures look so cool together and encapsulate the characters so well. They are definitely some of my favourite Mezco’s!

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