Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer... but not too close!

As a superhero, having an arch nemesis is almost as important as having a trusty sidekick. Sometimes you need them as a good 'ole reliable punching bag, or even as a nice reminder as to why you're even a hero in the first place!

So grab some popcorn as we explore these rivalries portrayed by Niels, Mike and Joe.

Name: Niels
Location: Netherlands
Insipiration: Most of the time I get inspired by playing with the figures. This Popeye and Bluto set was a dream come true and by playing with it I came up with the idea of Popeye already being beat up and about to lose his fight to Bluto. while he was down he saw this can of spinach and saw his opportunity to win this fight after all

Name: Mike
Location: Taiwan
Insipiration: Always wanted to do a ninja fighting action scene! When I got this great Gomez ninja I immediately come up with this one. I set a Buddha to make this scene more Japan, and using all yellow tone stuff to make the scene more harmony.

Name: Joe
Location: France
Insipiration: For this shot, I wanted to showcase Magneto's incredible abilities without relying on special effects. So instead, I focused on posing and finding the right dramatic angle in order to make him look like he's dominating Wolverine.
It's a pretty simple shot but I actually put a fair amount of thinking to it :D Thanks again for the feature. I wish a great week-end to all the Mezco-heads out there.

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