Fan Feature Friday #6 - Baron Bends Edition

Fan Feature Friday #6 - Baron Bends Edition

Welcome back to our Fan Feature Friday! Baron Bends and the Aquaticons have officially dived in as the newest members to the Rumble Society. We absolutely love all your various interpretations of our aquatic friend (or foe?).

This week, we had to keep our theme in line with the greatest galactic nomad. Continue reading to see how some of your fellow Mezconians have been inspired by Baron Bends.

Name: Bob M.

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Inspiration behind photo: I was actually inspired by the feeling of jumping into my grandmother’s pool when I was little. I always loved the way the air bubbles flew around you and caught the light. I’d jump in with my eyes open over and over. There may have been something wrong with me. This figure in general is the perfect mix of modern and retro, there’s a lot of nostalgia to mine here. I love the Baron.

Name: Manny T.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Inspiration behind photo: My inspiration came from the cover of the Baron Bends And The Aquaticons mini comic included with the purchase. As a photographer, I automatically fell in love with the cover so I wanted to bring that to life through my lens. The figure provided an array of accessories to to help capture this scenery. Something about water type characters that challenges my artistic creativity to design an aquatic environment, to make you feel as if you were swimming in the same ocean with Baron Bends and his Aquaticons. The backstory told in the comic really intrigued me to dive in deep (pun intended) with the character and it’s addition to the rest of the Rumble Society lore.

Name: Joe Z.

Location: Mexia, Texas

Inspiration behind photo: I’ve always loved the underwater. The mysterious and unexplored depths have always fascinated me! When you guys revealed Baron Bends at Toy Fair, I knew right away that I couldn’t miss out! The display you guys shared was more that inspirational! Love this figure and I can not wait for more Mezco Originals!

Now, let us know what you have loved the most about Baron Bends in the comments. Or leave us a message on  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Catch you next week!