Polish your Royal Tiara, slip on your Bracelets of Submission, and wind up your Lasso of Truth. We’re headed to Themyscira!

Taking on ancient gods, going toe to toe with galactic beings, and everything in between; you can always count on Diana to get the job done.

So rally up, and head out for battle with Wonder Woman featuring the works of Alex, Tom and Nikki.

Name: Alex
Location: Honduras
Inspiration: I wanted to represent Wonder Woman's Greek Amazonian heritage, she is the daughter of the mighty Zeus after all. Diana is an agent of peace but she is ready to give it all when necessary.

Name: Tom
Location: San Diego, California
Inspiration: The shot was inspired by a painting by the legendary Alex Ross. After receiving the new Wonder Woman figure I really wanted to try to showcase the beauty and strength of the sculpt and nothing screams beauty and strength more than Ross’s work so I turned to his work for inspiration.

Name:  Nikki
Location: Germany
Inspiration: I tried to create a scene where Diana prepares herself to leave Themyscira to face the biggest battle/fight in her life in the world outside. Fully armored, she is now ready to protect the Earth.

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