Fan Feature Friday #61: Road to Mezco Con

Fan Feature Friday #61: Road to Mezco Con

Phone, WiFi, charger, fire emoji...sorry, we're just packing for Mezco Con!

In the weeks leading up to our online convention, we're giving the spotlight to some familiar faces - come take a walk with us on the Rumble side as we travel the Road to Mezco Con!

This week, we're featuring the blood, sweat, and tears of Alessandro, Cheynee, and Niko.

Name: Alessandro
Location: Milan, Italy
Inspiration: Behind the photo  are those cool cover of vintage comics with the hero in front of a big explosion looking cool or maybe simply Horatio Crane of CSI Miami.

Name: Cheynee
Location: California, US
Inspiration: This was a really fun shot to do! I really wanted to do something in a lava like setting for Tectonic Bends. I used some rocks I made and added light behind them with fog to give it that lava like look.

Name: Niko
Location: Westbury, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for this shot is the Doctor’s pure savagery! The comic included with this figure is fantastic and I really wanted to highlight one of the cooler moments. Seeing Doc Nocturnal make his way to the Whistleman with ease really shows how much of an awesome character he is in the Rumble Society series!

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