Cosmic bad guy with a twisted moral compass, son of Eternal’s and born on one of Saturn’s moons Thanos the mad titan one of the Marvel Universe’s most feared and powerful villains.

Regardless of the matter, you will remember his name. Meet Thanos through the eyes of Mr Mad Orange, Rob and Carlos!

Name: Mr Mad Orange
Location: China
Inspiration: The inspiration behind the photo was Thanos showing up to grab the Infinity Gems.

Name: Rob
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: I was inspired by the end credits of the first Avengers movie, where Thanos just smiles as to the camera as an introduction to things to come. Mezcotoyz are so photogenic that I just had to try and capture that same look.

Name: Carlos
Location: Los Angeles, US
Inspiration: My inspiration comes from the infinity gauntlet. I wanted to show the maddening power with its ethereal glow. As the mad titan approaches with glee. The notes and books. Are for the research he has done to acquire the infinity gauntlet and his never ending conquest to impress death.

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