Fan Feature Friday #65: Friday The 13th Edition

Fan Feature Friday #65: Friday The 13th Edition

Ki ki ki, ma ma ma...

Stick together, don't leave your cabin, and don't investigate that never know who is lurking in the woods on Friday the 13th!

This week, we're giving the spotlight to everyone's favorite hockey-masked slasher, Jason Voorhees! From cleavers to wrenches to fireplace pokers, the Crystal Lake killer can use anything as a weapon when terrorizing teenage campers.

So let's gather 'round the campfire with Frederico, Gary, Thomas, and David and--wait, did you hear that? Huh, it's probably nothing...

Name: Frederico
Location: Brazil
Inspiration: I'm a collector, customizer and I take pictures of figures, specifically horror as it's my favorite line.

Name: Gary
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: The Mezco horror figures are my favorites and I don’t think that they get the attention they deserve. I try to shoot with them as often as possible!

Name: Thomas
Location: Sweden
Inspiration: When I did this shot I knew I wanted to focus on Jason in this pose and his victim out of focus in front of him, and I tried a lot of angles and different setups for the lighting, but was never really happy with the result until by chance I noticed that I could use the shadow from the axe on the wall in the photo. So this wasn’t really planned, just got lucky!

Name: David
Location: California, US
Insipration: The photo I captured was definitely inspired by the film Friday the 13th part 3 where Jason was on the dock close to the lake's shore. I had just finished making my dock & light post (specifically for this shot & figure)

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