No doubles required, these Rumblers do their own stunts.

This week, we're focusing on action itself - because there's nothing cooler than a hero walking away from a fiery explosion!

Join us in saying "lights, camera, action" as we take a dive into danger with the work of Alonzo, Jose, & Man.

Name: Alonzo
Location: Alabama, US
Inspiration: Naruto run with a lil explosion! Secret agent stuff! Gomez setting the bomb and jetting!!

Name: Jose
Location: Riverside, US
Inspiration: I see WSA as a rogue agent bent on revenge against the void for what they made him. Stealth isn’t needed , he wants them to know he’s after them, and no better way than a grand entrance.

Name: Man
Location: Thailand
Inspiration: I got an inspire from Gomez Street Edition 's board . Its colors and design , also his character and the middle finger. These things reminded me how to compose and shoot the best photo of him.

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