Fan Feature Friday #69 - Rumble Society Edition Part 2

Fan Feature Friday #69 - Rumble Society Edition Part 2


This week we saw Hawk P-40, the cybernetic grease-monkey himself, join the lineup of Rumblers! From aquatic warlords to shiny boneheaded ninjas, the Rumble Society definitely knows no bounds!

We thought it was only fitting to give the spotlight to the ever-expanding universe of Rumble Society, featuring the work of Aris, Niels, Sahlan. and Jordan.

Name: Aris
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: My gold skulls ninja photo is inspired from signature pose in ninja assassin.

Name: Niels
Location: The Netherlands
Inspiration: The idea for this picture came purely by playing with this awesome Baron Bends figure. I had the idea of him battling a octopus for a while and finally decided to shoot it.

Name: Sahlan
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: With this photo I wanted to explore creating an extended narrative and how I could engage the viewer in a more active way. This is the scene before the main action scene. Encouraging the viewer to create, in their mind's eye, the 'double page spread' action scene that would follow. Technically, I also was establishing three distinct focal points - the foreground, middle ground and background. Each with their own treatment and 'element'. The foreground has Hazard Squad Gomez scoping out the situation. The middle ground, being the main interest, has the most happening with the PSCC boys and the background has a blue light coming from the side to create the sense that the world continues on past this shot.

Name: Jordan
Location: Philippines
Inspiration: Ever since the release of Mezco Toyz Agent Gomez that is the first time I heard of "The Void", who are they? their mystery is still unknown. When I finally got the Hazard Squad Commander Gomez I saw the main packaging that acted also as a diorama piece. And then there's these void inside three mysterious floating heads on a screen, then it hits me to take a photo of Gomez and the void like he's listening to them, giving him orders, missions or maybe briefing and stuff. I love that they made something like this because me as a toy photographer a piece like that adds to the story of what I want present.

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