Fan Feature Friday #7 - Fright Edition

Fan Feature Friday #7 - Fright Edition

Welcome to this week's Fan Feature Friday- fright edition! We may be months from spooky holidays like Halloween,  but that will never stop us from appreciating all things horror.

Continue reading to learn more about the creators behind some of this week's top images.

Name: Alam S.

Location: Indonesia

Inspiration behind photo: "Horror strikes me and I really like this horror icon. Having this figure makes me very happy. Good figures support good's amazing"

Name: AJ S.

Location: Boynton Beach, FL

Inspiration behind photo: "My inspiration was just my sheer love for horror movies! I love creating scary scenes and bringing toys to life! In the dream world Freddy is in a boiler room type place, and that’s kinda what I was shooting for here!"

Name: Alvaro S.

Location: Andalusia, Spain

Inspiration behind photo: "Due to the current situation we all live in, it is important for us to still dance or sing in the storm, or even just surivive under the thunderstorm. It is important for all of us, no matter who we are. And sometimes, the 'storm' is our own nightmares. That's why I selected Freddie, as a symbol for this. The pandemic has sharpened our fears and shaped our current living conditions."

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