Fan Feature Friday #71 - Spider-Verse Edition

Fan Feature Friday #71 - Spider-Verse Edition

Spider bites, symbiotic parasites, and re-written DNA are just a few examples of how some Spider-Men of the multi-verse assumed the mantle. Each with their own unique abilities, identities, and morals, they all share a common goal - to protect their city.

This week, we're taking a look at some fan favorite webheads from across the Spider-Verse. Join us as we swing into action with Jordan, TJ, and Davy.

Name: Jordan
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration:My inspiration behind the photo cam from all the other form of media has appeared in since the comics. I think around the time the game was coming out so I was really excited for the web swinging and the Christmas setting so I think that’s what made me lean towards that for the posing and setting. Of course I have to mention the flawless masterpiece that is Into the Spidervese and how that really inspired the neon color scheme I used for the photo.

Name: TJ
Location: Connecticut, US
Inspiration: I’m a big spider man fan and you absolutely nailed this figure so I wanted to capture him on patrol and ready to spring into action.

Name: Davy
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Inspiration: When I knew Mezco Toys back then, this black suit Spider-Man was already out of order, so I tried hard to get a second hand and I glad I did. This is a great product and it is not easy to capture black costume, so I tried to give light on the back side. In this photo i used window and i gave light blue to give cool mood.

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