BREAKING NEWS: There have been reports of a terrible and fuzzy monstrosity lurking in the shadows of Moss Valley...

Grab your Hazard Squad Adventure Pack because this week, we're going on a hunt! Bill, Mark, and Ian have all captured the beast on camera, scroll on to see their findings!


Name: Bill
Location: Massachusetts, US
Inspiration: My main goal with this photo was to capture the vibrant green and mossy lumpiness of this wild monster.  There's so much texture on Mossquatch, it really takes the light well.

Name: Mark
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: When I saw the Mossquatch I just knew he needed to be showcased in a jungle atmosphere. I took this pic in my garden at night with one light and a fog machine. Wanted to get a shot that would feel at home on a 1930s pulp magazine cover.

Name: Ian
Location: London, UK
Inspiration: I wanted to get this guy in an action pose showing his articulation as I saw lots of other posts showing him very static. Added some green light to give it a bit of a Halloween feel as well.

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