You can't can't hide...from the chills, thrills, and kills of this week's Fan Feature Friday!

We're celebrating Halloween and fueling nightmares with these infamous slashers. There's no sense in turning back now, you can't escape!

If you're brave enough, keep scrolling to see the scary-good work of Jhonatan, Chris, Mancie, and Uriel.

After all, it's Halloween! Everyone's entitled to one good scare. 👻

Wait, did you hear that? Eh, it's probably nothing...

Name: Jhonatan
Location: Mexico
Inspiration: Before this photo, I saw a neighbor looking at me through his window, in that moment I thought " I have a new one photo". I made the little diorama and The next step was choose the appropriate figure.

Name: Christopher
Location: Canada
Inspiration: For inspiration for this piece I took the style & colors straight out of the scene where Chucky gets his face sliced off in the amusement park in Child’s Play 3, a little hint of 80s Creepshow inspired color blending.

Name: Mancie
Location: England
Inspiration:  I saw those small pumpkins at the shop and thought they were perfect size for the Living Dead Dolls. I try, where possible, to make any props I use in my photos the right proportions for the dolls and they just worked so well for this time of year while I'm posting Halloween content. I also thought those 3 dolls specifically, with their warm clothes, looked like they'd probably hang out together.

Name: Uriel
Location: California, US
Inspiration: The inspiration behind this picture was simple. I wanted to represent a Michael Myers shot in a way that also brings out the fall colors, those Halloween colors. I imagined what a poster shot would look like if you saw that on a billboard on a sunset evening in the fall. As we all fall for those colors, while still staring into the blackest eyes of one, Michael Myers, hence why I wanted to lit the middle of the mask lighter so the eyes had more depth and you can sink into them.

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