🚨10-29G - We need all units in the vicinity to head southbound. Repeat, code 10-29G. It's him again. 🚨

The kid's back out on the streets and no building is off-limits. Don't take it personally, nobody is safe from the movement!

Today we pay homage to our dopest Rumbler - Vapor! Nobody keeps it as fresh as him. Since we got your attention, take a look-see at what Vapor's been creatin', featuring the works of Β Jordan, Juan, and Elrey.

Name: Jordan
Location: Philippines
Inspiration:Ever since I got vapor I knew he would fit very well to my brick wall diorama that I personally made with a graffiti logo of Mezco because he's a graffiti artist, a master of it and a rebel. He also has these awesome facial expressions that I personally love, it brings more life to it and one of the key features to tell a story! like in this photo just standing there with that expression in his face just chillin together with his arsenal, a weapon of choice, those spray cans.

Name: Juan
Location: California, US
Inspiration: We've all been there, a moment where you find yourself in the worst position imaginable yet exalted by your "big dreams". I was inspired to capture this euphoric moment of bliss when I took Vapor out of the package popped on his huge grinning sculpt.

Name: Elrey
Location: Philippines
Inspiration: Wanted to show vapor admiring his art and being proud of his crew!

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