What's better than seeing your favorite heroes kickin' ass on the big screen? We'll answer that – nothing!

This week, we're giving the spotlight to the DC Extended Universe and some of the heavy hitters that are apart of it.

Scroll on to see some cinematic scenes from the creative brains of Nestor, Thomas, Nick, Tim, and Jonard!

Name: Nestor
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: Wanted to show the face under the mask. We often see pictures of Batman with his cowl but rarely do we see him without it. Inspiration came from imagining Batman in a apocalyptic world ruled by Darkseid.

Name: Thomas
Location: Canada
Inspiration: At the time of this photo we were all still in the Snyder Cut hype and I had just received these blue flame effects in the mail! So I figured why not do something Snyder Cut related with them. From there Aquaman was the only logical choice.

Name: Nick
Location: England
Inspiration:  With a lot of my photography, I try to recreate specific movie scenes as accurately as possible. This Mezco Superman is a definitive version of my favorite Superman and it was a lot of fun recreating scenes from the 1978 movie.

Name: Tim
Location: Nevada, US
Inspiration:  I really wanted to do this figure justice with a cool desert shot and I added the effects with a smoke grenade. It was a Mezco I was chasing to find for a long time and I finally got him.

Name: Jonard
Location: Philippines
Inspiration: I love how Jason Momoa portrayed Aquaman in Justice League and got this figure to build a Mezco Justice League. I wanted to show how Aquaman has control over the oceans and him being at the center of the ripple, his actions can make a difference.

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