Fan Feature Friday #79 - MCU Edition

Fan Feature Friday #79 - MCU Edition

13 years and 26 films later, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of the biggest film franchises in history! It's only right that this week, we give the spotlight to the ever-expanding MCU and its immense catalog of heroes and villains.

Scroll on as we take a trip from Asgard to Wakanda featuring the work of Agha, AG, and Steve. We know you'll love 'em 3000!

Name: Agha
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: My inspiration come from black panther the movie,,Chadwick Boseman give me a lot of idea,,the best black panther,,so charming as prince of Wakanda.

Name: Steve
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: Picturing Hulk vs Thor battle scene from Ragnarok. Initially was trying to use actual arena background from TV screen but didn’t come up well.

Name: AG
Location: Malaysia
Inspiration: To be honest, Thor Ragnarok is simply one of my favorite MCU films. This film is packed with comedy, battle scenes, and as well as friendship and family relation scenes which inspires my shot. In addition, Hela is a pure badass and underrated villain ever! Without the help from Surtur, I think Hela is just inevitable! In shorts, this movie will always be in my thoughts!

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