Just because the snow is falling and the stockings are hung doesn't mean a slasher's work is ever done! These cold-hearted creepers deserve some love, even during the holiday season!

Join in on the festivities as we welcome the start of the holidays horror days with the work of Mike, Jerry, Johannes, Anthony and Jae!

Oh, and if you hear a bump in the night, just hope that it's Santa...

Name: Mike
Location: California, US
Inspiration: My love for the 1978 John Carpenter classic Halloween is what inspired me to capture this image of The Shape, staying in the shadows and watching from the dark. I like to combine my passion for horror film making and action figure photography in my shots, making them single frame stories for the viewer to interpret their own way. Michael Myers is evil incarnate and to us horror fans, he is the true spirit and nature of Halloween.

Name: Jerry
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration:The photo was inspired by the social media that is a part of our lives, the horror trio made good use of it looking for their next victims

Name: Johannes
Location: Arizona, US
Inspiration: I’m always inspired by unique figures and this definitely peaked my interested. For so long I kind of got into my own niche of editing and I kept evolving into something you see today. It’s always going to keep evolving and changing so it’s definitely a lot of fun to see especially when a figure inspires me.

Name: Anthony
Location: New Jersey, US
Inspiration: Inspiration behind this shot is just thinking of scenes from movies where something appears out of the steam in an alley and walks toward the camera. I try to bring figures to life and sometimes try to tell stories from the shots. Replicate scenes from movies.

Name: Jae
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Inspiration: This year I’ve rekindled my love for living dead dolls and have been trying to grow my collection and I wanted a platform to take photos of them to share for people like me who just think they’re beautiful artworks.

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