Fan Feature Friday #81 - Casino La Cucaracha Edition

Fan Feature Friday #81 - Casino La Cucaracha Edition

Welcome to the nefarious and exotic Casino La Cucaracha where we find Secret Agent Gomez deep undercover. While we hit the tables, Gomez will be hittin' the Death Brokers where it hurts. NYC's favorite roach always has an ace up his sleeve!

Feelin' lucky? Then scroll on to see these shots of Gomez in action featuring the work of Ashok, Al, and Juan!

Name: Ashok
Location: Minnesota, US
Inspiration:  The inspiration behind this photo is quite simple as I was trying to capture the secret agent pose given by Gomez himself on the artworks and also have the One Eyed Jack in the background to give it that James Bond Spectre movie poster vibe.

Name: Al
Location: Philippines
Inspiration: Photo is a parody of the poster for the 2015 Bond 007 film "Spectre".  There were only a handful of 007 who wore the white tuxedo, and  the last one had a villain who wore a Skull mask.   It simply is begging for a Rumble Society version  - with High-Roller Gomez and a Black Skull Death Brigade goon.

Name: Juan
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: This was a no brainer. Before I'd even put Gomez in my cart I knew a 007 gun barrel shot was in his future. Tried a few different poses but ultimately decided on something inspired by Connery circa Thunderball.

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