Fan Feature Friday #82 - Vapor: Burner Edition

Fan Feature Friday #82 - Vapor: Burner Edition

There's not a clean wall left in the city, from Coney Island to the Bronx. The streets belong to HOODZ!

This week, we're giving the spotlight to the Vindictive Vandal, the Master of Mischief, Mr. Misdemeanor himself - Vapor: Burner Edition! Armed with a can of Vandal Varnish and his favorite band, Youth Hostile, blaring through his headphones, Vapor's paintin' the town red...literally.

Scroll on to take a look at the criminally dope work of Ross, Nathan, Charles and Herman!

Name: Ross
Location: London, United Kingdom
Inspiration: The photo was inspired by my love of Rumble Society - especially Vapor. That sculpt, pose and middle finger gesture sums up Vapor’s appeal to me and my mood that day. I’d just switched from iPhone to an old DSLR camera and wanted to make something really simple which let the attitude and energy of Vapor speak for itself. I had an idea of someone looking down on him from a window or maybe with a CCTV camera - and there’s only ever one response he’s going to have to that.

Name: Nathan
Location: Washington, US
Inspiration: When i first saw this action figure I knew I had to have it. I missed out on the first Vapor and was lucky enough to swoop this one! its my first Mezco figure I have ever purchased. He has the hip hop/street vibes that I've always wanted from an action figure so I had to snap a shot of him under some night street lights with some back alley feels.

Name: Charles
Location: New York, US
Inspiration for this picture came from The color scheme of Vapor Burner. I painted one Grub white and left the other black to go with his theme. I made this mini diorama inside of the Rumble box and that was inspired by you guys! Love the box and I had to do something special with it! Vapor just sitting there with that expression just screamed his "I don't care" attitude. I envision him blasting music without a care about who he is annoying.

Name: Herman
Location: California, US
Inspiration: Inspiration was Vapor was listening to his favorite track after a long day.

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