We're receiving multiple reports of things going bump in the night. Pepper Presstopper is on the scene, reporting live from the town of New Providence.

"Thanks guys! Pepper Presstopper here standing right outside the entrance of the Dark Forest. Citizens have reported sounds of maniacal laughter coming from deep within the woodland which can only mean one thing - the Hunter of Horrors is here! I guess you could say these creatures haven't been eating their apples...you know, because an apple a day keeps the...can you guys hear me? Hello--"

Thanks Pepper! Check out these kickass shots of Doc romping around New Providence, featuring the works of Juan, Tully, and Steve!

Name: Juan
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: Doc's creepy looking grin combined with the red suit gave me some Daredevil vibes, so this shot is sort of an homage to the No More Mister Nice Guy cover of issue 184.

Name: Tully
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: I’m a huge Doc Nocturnal fan his design always stuck with me. Honestly my inspiration was wanting to get the right look of a mystery monster/demon hunter. Always a big fan of color too and with Red Death Doc Nocturnal just added to the fun of taking this shot!

Name: Steve
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: I remembered having no specific idea of how I want to picture doc noc in this photo. I was just taking the figure out of my toy display and put it on the table without changing the pose. My concern was I didn’t have any diorama that fits this figure, so I came out with the smoke.

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