Abandoning the landlubber’s world, we join Captain Nemo on his journey across the Seven Seas! With his loyal crew and trusty ship, the Nautilus, there’s nothing above or below the harsh seas that the Captain can’t handle.

Gather ‘round to the Captain’s Quarters see what “a pirate’s life” really means featuring the work of Tony, J.M, Charlie, Marc, and Sal!

Name: Tony
Location: California, US
Inspiration:  I have been in LOVE with the original Mezco Cabin Control diorama from 2001 and when I saw a new Captain Nemo figure being released I knew I wanted to fuse Mezco’s past with the present! You guys did a great job on this figure and he’s right at home in this play set.

Name: J.M
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: The eyes on the face sculpt had such a deep focus, that I wanted to do a shot that would show what happens after. When the adventures are done and he is all alone, what is he thinking about, what is he reflecting on....
I kept the lighting simple. A blue back light for moonlight coming through the window. A touch of red in the front to represent a fireplace and that was it. Did a long exposure to capture as much detail as possible. Setting the scene with his accessories and his cloak hung up behind him.

Name: Charlie
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: The inspiration for this photo came from my love for anchors and just about anything aquatic. This Mezco Captain Nemo I felt was a perfect fit with the grimy old anchor look. I can just smell the ocean now! 😉👊🏻⚓

Name: Marc
Location: Oregon, US
Inspiration: My inspiration is the journey of Nemo searching the sea for the answers.

Name: Sal
Location: California, US
Inspiration: love nautical books and a big fan of 20000 leagues under the sea

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