Born on the battlefield, Conan The Barbarian was destined for a life of adventure. Motivated by his own survival, power, and enrichment, Conan will do whatever it takes to rise to the top

Join us in Conan’s epic quest to become king, featuring the works of Josh, Elmer, Casey, Iqbal, and Jordan!

Name: Josh
Location: California, US
Inspiration: The moment I had this figure “In Hand” I knew I wanted to portray the shot with Conan launching a strong attack and wanted the focus all on Conan instead of adding in a adversary for him to fight.  I wanted people to see all the intricate details that were included in the figure.  The most difficult part of the shot for me was making sure I did Conan justice with a natural pose.

Name: Elmer
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: From the moment I pre-ordered the figure I knew I wanted to photograph him in different perilous situations, I referenced some old Conan comic book covers, built the set out of foam and 3d printed materials and brought the idea to life.

Name: Casey
Location: Missouri
Inspiration: What inspired me for this shot was the goal of featuring this amazing new Conan figure as he begins another of his journeys of high adventure. He’s also fully equipped with the weapons needed to face any foe or obstacle. Many more adventures and peril lie ahead of him as well!

Name: Iqbal
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: The inspiration for this picture, I got from King Conan Book (collection of five fantasy short stories by Robert E. Howard). In this picture I want to portrait Conan who finally became a king in Aquailonia (the most powerful kingdom of age), after several battles.

Name: Jordan
Location: Indiana
Inspiration: Months before receiving this figure, I knew that I wanted to emulate the rich colors and iconic style of Frank Frazetta’s classic Conan covers without duplicating them exactly. I pre-built the base in anticipation of its arrival. When he arrived, I went to work on trying to create an atmospheric image that would honor Frazetta’s visionary art. Even if only to a small extent, I hope that was achieved.  To anyone who sees this shot, I hope you will feel drawn to the character and his lore. Just like I was as a teenager.

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