Fan Feature Friday #9 - The Roach with the Golden Head Edition

Fan Feature Friday #9 - The Roach with the Golden Head Edition

You already know what day it is...Fan Feature Friday! This week, your favorite Golden Roach has taken over the blog. Thank you to Paige, Argel, and Steve for participating in this week's feature. Keep on reading to see what Gold Gomez has been up to.

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• The Roach With The Golden Gun •

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Name: Paige Jr.

Location: Orlando, FL

Inspiration behind photo: "This shot took inspiration from the James Bond film: Golden Eye. I originally hand made a diorama barrel from the opening credits, but also did an alternate shot that would showcase a cleaner more cinematic look. Gomez is one my favorite characters and with the sleek suit look of this version, it was a way to pay homage to another secret agent."

Name: Argel M.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Inspiration behind photo: "I wish I could say that my eye roll-inducing title came first and I was inspired by that (The Roach with the Golden Shred), but in reality I was just compelled to show an ambiguous sense of urgency. Ambiguous because as I was posing and shooting, I was thinking, is Gomez making a quick break from a gang of chain-toting pink skull-headed freaks? Or is he just so excited to open up a can of whoop-ass with his Golden Chucks? Either way, there’s no denying that a Roach in a suit launching off on his hoverboard is anything but awesome!"

Name: Steve W.

Location: Easthampton, NJ

Inspiration behind photo: "The 20th anniversary Gold Roach is one of the most unique head sculpts I’ve ever seen. The gold head is a trend setter and I wanted him roaming the streets listening to boom boom. He’s always on the look out for his enemies or a good sniper nest. The Skulls stand no chance against the Roach with the golden gun. The mean streets step aside when they see the Golden Roach coming. Look out, he likes to pull a prank or two as well. What dimension will be next? Only Gomez knows where he will be at any given time."

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