It all started in black & white...

This week we're featuring the vamp, the myth, the legend - Nosferatu! First seen in 1922, the silent vampire has definitely left his mark on the history of horror. Don't stare into the dark for too long, you may not like what you see...

Check out these haunting photos of the creature of the night, featuring the works of Dom, Tobias, Sean, Dustin and Justin!

Name: Dom
Location: New York, US
Inspiration:  I had just gotten the Nosferatu figure and was taking all kinds of pictures, using all the different accessories. For this picture, I wanted to go for a feeling of the viewer encountering him outside. I was going for a feeling of him getting the viewer in a trance to lure them in. I added the Hell Hounds in to fill out the space a bit. I considered adding the rats too, but I didn't want to make the photo too busy.

Name: Tobias
Location: Michigan, US
Inspiration: My  inspiration for the photo :  I was inspired to take this photo by the plethora of accessories that came with the figure. the creatures of the night are quintessential in vampire lore. The first thing I thought of was the scene when I opened the box.

Name: Sean
Location: California, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for the photo came from the figure itself and my love for horror. As soon as I got him out of the box and had those menacing red eyes staring at me, I knew that I wanted to do something dark and grainy with a touch of cinematic lighting. This figure truly is a Symphony of Horror and I cannot wait to see what your team comes up with next in the horror one12  line up!

Name: Dustin
Location: Utah, US
Inspiration: I took this in a cemetery behind my house! Just had to bring my own smaller headstones. The weather was cooperating nicely, so I got Victorian horror feel out of it.

Name: Justin
Location: Michigan, US
Inspiration: I was inspired by the iconic picture of Nosferatu where he's on the ship with his fingers stretched out. I wanted to recreate that pose because that image is what instantly pops into my mind whenever I hear his name. He has a creepy yet very fascinating look that's always stuck in my head.
And this figure really elevates the terrifying characteristics that I love so much about the character.

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