🎶 Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers? 🎶

80s babies rejoice...neon is back!

New look, same agenda - destruction! Don't let these colors fool you, these knuckleheads are not the brightest in the bunch but what they lack in smarts, they make up for in muscle.

Check out a showcase of these malevolent mugs featuring the work of Karim, William, John, Bruno, & Mic. Whatever you do, do not look into their eyes...

Name: Karim
Location: Austria
Inspiration: To be honest, I wasn't inspired much, it's more like your figures give me the imagination and the inspiration comes automatically!

Name: William
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: I was playing around with new head when I realized I could recreate the famous opening to Queen's bohemian rhapsody!

Name: John
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: For this shot I really wanted to showcase the amazing Neon Skulls in some portrait shots. This particular one I knew I wanted it looking right back at the viewer because I love the unsettling (yet fun) vibes of these skulls. Having it posted like he just removed his hood and revealed the skull I think helps keep the focus on the skulls and adds to the unsettling feel I was going for.

Name: Peter
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: What inspired me was just how awesome and colorful the skulls are not to mention the ability to be used with many types of Mezco figures. I love accessories or upgrades that allow me to photograph unique and well made figures.

Name: Mic
Location: Massachusetts, US
Inspiration: I absolutely love the Neon Nightmare set and the crimson cranium skull fits right in with them , I imagine these guys as a special task force that the black skull death brigade send in when the mission becomes too difficult for the average skull to handle. I call these guys the CCC (Cranium Chaos Club)

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