Name: Atticus Doom
Nickname: Necromagus Prime
Power: Immense
Knowledge: Vast
Agenda: Questionable

Atticus Doom has emerged from the Necroverse! Enriched with Eldritch power and tethered to the Necroverse by his supernatural left hand, the occult private eye protects the realms of reality.

This week, we're journeying to the Lost City of R'Lyeh and admiring the work of Benjamin, Tom, Alberto, Jon and Luc!

Name: Benjamin
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I was really busy the week Atticus arrived because I was preparing for my grandfather's funeral but he came and I did a quick showcase of him before I left to see the family.

Name: Tom
Location: California, US
Inspiration: The Sorcerer magic-types on any team (Dr Strange/Dr Fate) have long been my favorites so when we learned the Rumble Society was gaining its own supreme sorcerer/occultist extraordinaire, I instantly began thinking of how his unique ties to the Necroverse via his left hand would look upon spell casting. I really wanted his grimoire to come to life as if barely able to contain the power Atticus channels through it as we see his eyes glowing with power and his hand being set aflame. The figure itself inspired a lot of the specifics and that just shows what a special collectible Atticus is for this line!

Name: Alberto
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: As big Lovecraftian Horror fan it’s fair to say that this character and his lore are right by my alley. Really wanted to  portray Atticus stepping out of some Eldritch Horror type portal with green foggy lighting in the background with a calm flow stating a “I do this everyday” kinda attitude. Finally as it should be with anything Lovecraft…there’s gotta be some tentacles man!

Name: Jon
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: It was one of those happy accidents. I wanted to get a shot of Atticus Doom calling on his powers and rising into the air. I took a test shot with a single light and loved the way it looked. Made a couple of slight edits and went with it.

Name: Luc
Location: Arizona, US
Inspiration: I took this photo really trying to capture the magic that he uses to make himself seem so powerful.

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