Fan Feature Friday #94: Mez-Itz Mania

Fan Feature Friday #94: Mez-Itz Mania

Strange noises in the night? Things mysteriously falling off shelves? Could be ghosts, could be demons, or worse...could be Mez-Itz!

These mini menaces are equal parts mischievous, manipulative, and meddlesome. There's strength in numbers - a myriad of Mez-Itz is a force to be reckoned with!

Scroll on to see how Aaron, Pedro, Sal, Simon and William tamed their pest problem...or at least tried to.

Name: Aaron
Location: Virginia, US
Inspiration: The idea behind the shot was that it's fairly common to see the mez-itz sharing a shot with various one:12 figures so I wanted to do one with them by themselves. I love tabletop RPGs like pathfinder and dnd so I got some of my game terrain and some weapons and setup the shot from there.

Name: Pedro
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: Grew up surrounded by the culture of break dancing, graffiti, video games, painting, and listening to some seriously funky jams with my old man; he's from the 50's so part of this pic is thanks to him since we were listening to (Get Down On It) By: Kool & The Gang. Got into collecting Mezco toyz about 2 years ago; a childhood friend kept showing me pictures of these action figs with soft goods and eventually I caved. I bought Vapor on his first re-release into the One12verse because I used to own the OG 2002 Hoodz Vapor that's when I caught the Mezco Effect 😵‍💫 big time! Since then, I've been collecting Mezco toyz to create small action figure comics while taking photo's trying to earn a spot with the big boys and girls thanks to my family and team of buddies encouraging me to do so. ✨

Name: Sal
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I love anime and wanted to do an Attack on Titian tribute. “Attack on Gomez”

Name: Simon
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: I was inspired by a lot of the 70s and 80s horror flicks (Critters, Alien, etc) to have our main man Krig Pale Driver hunting a swarm of mez-its. Maybe they were gumming up the works of some intergalactic sewer? Though my intention was to have Krig be the protagonist, mez-itz do have a cuteness about them that could shift that interpretation for the viewer. My favorite thing about Rumble Society is that they are free of these preconceived notions and can be whatever you want them to be, hero or villain!

Name: William
Location: Virginia, US
Inspiration: I really loved the story we got with the Clan of the Golden Dragon being decimated so I was inspired to think about Gomez and Grub training a new group of recruits to rebuild the ranks and what that would look like! I decided to have Gomez overseeing Grub training the new Clan members!

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