They say laughter is the best medicine and this guy really knows how to land a punchline!

There's no better way to celebrate April Fools Day than with the master of mischief, the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker! Batsy's arch-nemesis loves a good prank and he always has the last laugh.

Scroll on if you're down for a good gag and check out these shots of a pro prankster at work, as shot by Jonard, John, Niels, and Patrick

Name: Jonard
Location: Philippines
Inspiration:  Love the horror vibes of this joker and I wanted to show a sinister encounter with him at night when his is on a prowl looking for his victims. I can’t wait to shot this joker with the upcoming Gaslight Batman.

Name: John
Location: Wisconsin
Inspiration: This photo was inspired by the show "Dexter". Kill tools at the ready, victim wrapped in plastic, the Joker taking a trophy of blood before he murders Batman. I really liked having The Joker smiling at Batman's face as he cuts his cheek. Showing how truly insane he really is.

Name: Niels
Location: Netherlands
Inspiration: I think this is one of the first pictures I did with this joker. Not really sure what the inspiration behind it was anymore. but after looking at it I think it holds up pretty good.

Name: Patrick
Location: Philippines
Inspiration: This photo Inspired me from the DC Comic Book in 1975 The Joker The Clown Prince crime, In This Comic book series he faced off with other supervillains and superheroes...📷❤

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