This week, we're swinging head first into the Spider-Verse!

You know when your DNA gets re-written with the genetic code of a spider and you gain proportionate strength, speed, and agility? Well, mix that in with retractable claws, organic webbing, an indestructible unstable molecule suit, and an A.I. assistant and you've got Spider-Man 2099! Sheesh, this futuristic webhead really has it all!

Check out the Spider-Man of tomorrow as shot by Jeff, Aden, Alberto, Lizzy, and Danny!

Name: Jeff
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Inspiration: Miguel O’Hara has always been my favorite Marvel character for his insane costume and his angst ridden opposition to the corporate machine. This was the first photo taken of the figure and I wanted to capture his feelings of fear, anger, and isolation following his initial transformation into Spider-Man 2099!

Name: Aden
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I wanted to make my photo look like it could be a cover for a Spider-Man 2099 comic. I hope I was able to achieve this, but also it was just really fun to shoot

Name: Alberto
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: What can I say other that this figure came out fantastic. I wanted to pose Miguel in a sort of “Predator” mode scanning the streets from the side of a building. The face sculpt and suit, although being a single color, do wonders defining the body and facial features when the lighting is set. An all around solid release. Cheers!

Name: Lizzy
Location: Arizona, US
Inspiration: One of Spider-Man's most iconic poses is him just chilling on the side of a building contemplating life. I wanted to capture that here with 2099 Spider-Man. I also really enjoyed creating photos with bright vibrant colors, so I complemented the amazing colors on the figure with some classic blue and red lighting!

Name: Danny
Location: Singapore
Inspiration:  Spider-Man 2099 depicts a very different Spider-Man of the future and I wanted the photography to reflect the futuristic aspect of the character. The use of bright neon lighting on the figure as well as the background (inspired by AKIRA and Blade Runner) in my opinion is crucial in bringing this character/picture to life.

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