Gomez, the Mezco Toyz mascot, was first introduced in 2000. Gomez was initially known simply as “the roach”, a nod to the creature’s New York City location and remarkable resilience.

By 2001, “the roach” began to come into his own. His image was customized on each package, reflecting the product he was representing. The roach later gained a human body; the only thing missing was a name. A couple of years later, Gomez gained his name.

In 2008, the first 9” Gomez figures became available through Mezco Direct and at San Diego Comic Con. Gomez was now more than a graphic; he was agent of the Void and insecta-sapien of mystery, ready and willing to embark on any intergalactic mission. Gomez featured over 40 points of articulation and included his black martini glass, atomic pea shooter, ray gun and trusty boom box “Boom Boom”.

Gomez has appeared on many catalog covers in various depictions, ranging from Japanese inspired movie posters to a gray and black minimalist design. More adventures lie ahead for Gomez, so keep an eye on our blog and social media for what’s in store.