Happy Father's Day! Celebrating Superdads

Happy Father's Day! Celebrating Superdads

In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re taking a quick look at some of the most prominent superhero dads. Some of these heroes wear capes and some don’t but these literal superdads have a lot on their shoulders while mentoring their superkids. Forget brilliant villains or burning buildings- raising a child with special abilities is a responsibility so heavy, the consequences can be interdimensional.

Batman – Damian

Possibly because of his orphan past, Bruce Wayne is an involved parent. After bringing Damian alongside him as Robin and helping him shed his assassin past, Batman sends Damian to team up with Superman’s son, Jonathan. Batman’s adopted son Dick Grayson also served alongside him as another iteration of Robin and later became Nightwing and Batman himself.

Cyclops – Cable

After giving up his own son Nathan to the future Askani to survive, Cyclops eventually meets him again after confusing him for a clone alongside Stryfe. Turns out Cable was Cyclops’ son all along, and the back and forth to the future leaves their relationship understandably distant with a reverse age disparity between father and son.

Ant-Man – Cassie

Scott Lang’s dedication as a father is the prime reason why he became the second Ant-Man in the first place. Scott uses equipment stolen from Hank Pym to rescue the only doctor capable of saving Cassie’s life. His future lessons to Cassie ensure that she becomes the successful and moral superhero Stature.

Superman – Jonathan

Superman’s half Krytonian son Jonathan (aka Superboy) is among the latest to join the DCU after The Flash altered the past. As Superboy’s blossoming powers threaten to surpass his father’s, Superman trains him to harness his abilities effectively to protect himself and others. In other universes, Superman is the father of several other children with different strengths, abilities, and morals.

Mister Fantastic – Franklin & Valerie Richards

Although Reed Richards has his hands full as a founding member of the Fantastic Four, he is able to pull through when his children are in danger. Whether that is protecting reality altering Franklin from Annihilus or choosing fatherhood over hero-hood in Secret Wars, Mister Fantastic is at the end of the day a family man.

Mr. Incredible – Violet, Dash & Jack-Jack

Father of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, Bob Parr presents as a patient and loving father after being forced into retirement with the rest of the Supers. Although Bob can lose his temper with his children, his ability to shoulder burdens so his family isn’t forced to relocate and be emotionally honest strengthens their relationship and allows the family to work as a team.