Happy Mother's Day! Honoring literal Super Moms

Happy Mother's Day! Honoring literal Super Moms

This Mother’s Day, we spotlight superheroes that manage to juggle existential threats and villainous adversaries and also raise children at the same time. While the list is only a short peek into the long list of literal Super Moms, the appreciation cannot be understated.

Sue Storm

You may know Sue Storm as the Invisible Woman and one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four. Sue's dedication as a mother goes further than having her hands full with heroic duties. Not only does Sue raise genius Valeria and reality- bending Franklin, she also heralds the Future Foundation, mentoring young heroes everywhere.

Queen Hippolyta

Queen of the Amazons and mother to Wonder Woman, Hippolyta was very defensive of her child. Upon discovering that her sister Antiope was training Diana (later Wonder Woman) in secret, Hippolyta gave her daughter her blessing. This blessing allowed Diana to grow as an independent fighter until she finally left the island of Themiscyra for good to become a goddess in her own right.

Jessica Jones

PI Jessica wows others with her top-notch detective skills and superhuman strength. She is also mom to daughter Danielle Cage, named after husband Luke Cage’s best friend Daniel Rand (Iron Fist). With motherhood on the forefront of her mind, Jessica opted not to join the newly created Mighty Avengers so she could dedicate her efforts to raising Danielle.

Helen Parr

After a government decree outlawing Supers, Elastigirl was forced to set her crime-fighting career ambitions aside while raising her super-children Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack. When a new adversary rears its ugly head, Helen dons her secret identity to save not only her family but the world.

Lara Lor-Van

Biological mother of Superman, Lara’s maternal role has expanded greatly since the Silver Age of Comics. After giving birth to Kal-El in violation of Kryptonian law, Lara is forced to send him to Earth for his own safety. Lara stays behind after this valiant act, knowing she will not survive the imminent destruction of Krypton.


Queen of Asgard, Frigga is a dedicated mother to both Thor and adopted son Loki. Frigga’s compassion allowed her to balance the complex family dynamics resulting in Thor’s banishment from Asgard and Loki’s rise to power. A warrior in her own right, Frigga proved more than capable in hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship.