One:12 Harley Quinn Unboxing

One:12 Harley Quinn Unboxing

The Packaging

Front of One:12 Box
Display Friendly Inner Box - Front
Display Friendly Inner Box - Back

The Figure

Featuring a One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation, standing approx. 16cm tall.
The box includes an additional laughing headsculpt
And bubble gum headscupt. The figure is hand painted with authentic detailing.
The box contains a pair of posing hands (L & R),a pair of bat holding hands (L & R) and a gun holding hand (R)
The figure comes with an adjustable posing post and Suicide Squad base.

The Outfit

Features the outfit worn by Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad with close attention to detail.
Features her "Puddin" choker
Four spiked bracelets, and real fabric "Daddy's Li'l Monster" baseball jersey
"Property of Joker" satin jacket
Red and blue hot pants and studded belt
Harness/underarm holster
And her real fishnet stockings with haute couture boots.

The Accessories

The box contains weapons and accessories like
One hand decorated revolver
That can fit into the under arm holster
and one baseball bat.