How to Set Up Your One: 12 Posing Post

How to Set Up Your One: 12 Posing Post

After eagerly waiting, your One:12 action figure has finally arrived. You carefully take your figure out of the box, and go to stand him up to fully admire him… but he falls over. No worries, it looks like he came with a posing post and display base to hold him up. But wait a second… You can’t figure out how the support post is supposed to connect to the base. It seems like there should be another piece to connect them or something. What are you missing here?

Not to worry. This blog post is going to show you the trick of how to connect the posing post to the display base, so you can get your figure into kickass poses.

This is the foot peg. While it can help your figure stand, it can’t support him in too many complicated positions.

To attach the posing post to the display base, use the bottom of the posing post and punch our the foot peg from the bottom of the display base.

Once the foot peg is out, you can flip the display base back over and wedge the bottom of the posing post into where the foot peg was.

And… Voila! You're free to start putting your figure into gravity defying poses.

If you are worried about your foot peg, don't be. You can pop the posing post out and put the foot peg right back in for less dramatic poses.

You can also loosen or tighten any of the posing post joints with a small phillips head screwdriver. Just be careful not to screw them too tight or you risk cracking the plastic of the posing post.

We hope this helps clear up any confusion for our newest One:12 fans. Please feel free to send us pictures of your One:12 poses on our social media channels. Just click on the icons below!