Mezco Mondays: How to Enter

Mezco Mondays: How to Enter

Congratulations! You are officially the proud owner of a  Mez-Itz! Place it on your
desk, your nightstand, or use it to enter our #MezcoMondays giveaways on social
media! Not sure how to enter?

Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be a MezcoMondays pro in no time!

Step 1

Take Mez-Itz out of bag 👍

Step 2

Pose Mez-Itz (addition of other Mezco product is welcomed). 👌

*Mez-Itz must be included in your photos in order to enter our #MezcoMondays Giveaway.

Step 3

Tag us @MezcoToyz along with #MezcoMondays (it helps us find you!) in your caption. 😃

We’ll announce a winner every other Monday on social media and contact you via direct message if you’ve won.

We look forward to seeing your entries. Get posing, get posting! 🙌