Batman: Supreme Knight - PX Edition!

The One:12 Collective Supreme Knight PX Edition is designed to invoke the classic retro Bat-Suit while keeping with the Supreme Knight visage. Presented in the classic blue and gray color palette and with the "long-eared” cowl, Batman stands at approximately 17cm tall, featuring over 30 points of articulation. He comes complete with 11 interchangeable hands and 3 interchangeable portraits, including an unmasked Bruce Wayne.

Supreme Knight depicts an aged Batman nearing the end of his career. With an upgraded Bat-Suit to provide additional armored protection and enhancements to compensate for the wear and tear that his years of crime-fighting have taken on him. A magnet in his collar allows him to switch between two leather-like capes – one with an integrated posing wire and one that drapes freely. Supreme Knight utilizes an aggressive arsenal including a dual-blade karambit that folds, a multifunctional, non-lethal “Equalizer” cannon, Batarang bundle, and more.

The One:12 Collective PX Supreme Knight is only available through Previews World.