Rumble Con 2022 Recap

Rumble Con 2022 Recap

What'd ya think, Lug-Nutz?! First Rumble Con in the bag! Not too shabby, eh?

Ya really crushed those games, I'm impressed! 💪  I know ya didn't forget I'm givin' away ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE prizes so keep your eyes on our Winner's Page and see if ya made the cut!

If ya haven't already, go check out our brand-new Instagram filter and Rumbler-fy yaself!

In case ya missed anything or ya just wanna have your mind blown 🤯 for a second time, scroll on for a recap of the BIGGEST (...and the first) Rumble Con in history!


One:12 Collective Death Adder

One:12 Collective Atticus Doom - Necroverse Edition

5 Points Doc Nocturnal

One:12 Collective Bartholomew Vex

One:12 Collective Cuzin Eddi: Eddi and Bella 4eva Edition

One:12 Collective Slugfest

Thanks for tuning into #RumbleCon2022, Lug-Nutz! Hope ya had a blast!

See ya soon...👊💥