Rumble Con 2023 Recap

Rumble Con 2023 Recap

What's ya take, Lug-Nutz?! That's a rap on Rumble Con 2023 and wasn't too shabby, don't ya think? 🤔

Gotta say...ya gaming skills were absolutely impressive! 🕹 If you haven't already, cover up ya mug with our Instagram filter and transform into a full-fledged Rumbler!

Shout out to our winners, ya did good! 🏆

If ya missed out on anything or simply want to relive some of the bad-assery, keep scrolling for a recap! 🤯


5 Points Doc Nocturnal

One:12 Collective Void Cadet Gomez: Red-Eye Knight

One:12 Collective R.U.M.B.L.R. (Reinforced Urban Military Battle Land Rig)

One:12 Collective Olumu Rook

One:12 Collective Crab Louie

One:12 Collective Aleister Gangreene

One:12 Collective Biker Gomez

Glad to have ya be part of #RumbleCon2023, Lug-Nutz! Hope it knocked ya lights out!

See ya soon...👊💥