Another exciting year at San Diego has come and gone. We hope you enjoyed this enormous celebration of pop culture as much as we did and we are already planning next year!

Thanks for everyone’s support and for taking the time to maneuver through the sea of fans to stop by and check us out. If you weren’t able to get our exclusives do not forget to participate in our Mez-Itz-Con[] event, or try the Wait List on each item. We tried to bring as many as we could but they still sold out much sooner than expected.

Check out some vids we took of booth set up, a walk through and register purchase pandemonium below:

We were lucky enough to have some visitors that took the time to speak with us. Unfortunately, the videos didn’t survive. A special thanks to:

Corin Hardy, director of The Nun, who stopped by with his very own LDD Nun!


Kat Cressida, voiceover extraordinaire.


Jason Liles, a big talent in playing large characters.


Also, check out our gallery here.

Now onto gearing up for the next convention. Stay tuned for up coming details!